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If I’m paying twelve bucks for a martini I better be getting more than one olive in it. I’m talking to you, Yoshi’s.

(I dug the above out of my drafted posts from September 2010. I have hundreds of these dumb drafts drafted but not posted and not even fit for twitter. I’m posting this one now because the picture above sort of reminds me of the picture below. I forget where this picture is from though. Some Brazilian architecture firm, I think? (UPDATED – photo credit below) Anyway, the rest are getting trashed. Most of them are about booze or eBay.)

Updating various links later today with new blogs to share with the rar-readers. Also, thinking it’s time for a fresh and clean theme.

Will also eventually replace the stego.

Housekeeping continues. Hurrah.

(photo: quarto & sala


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February 1, 2011 at 2:05 pm

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yay. friday song!

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whoooooooo! Gateway to the West!


Here’s a picture of the arch at top speed.  Because the arch is the shit!  Also, because I love me some large-scale monuments.  But mostly because today is busy and it’s all I got time for.

 I just made up this little song though, while I was on a conference call…


[To the tune of T. Chapman’s “Fast Car”]

So remember when we were driving, driving by the arch
Speeds so fast felt like I was drunk
City lights all blurry before us
And camera phones can’t really capture images at that speed
And I-eeeee-I  had a feeling I was in St. Louis
‘Cause I-eeeee-I, that’s the only place they have the arch, have the arch, have the arch.

You got a fast arch. 
Is it fast enough so you can fly away?
You’ve gotta make a decision, 
Arch tonight or live and die this way, die this way, die this way (fade)

have a good weekend.


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March 27, 2009 at 3:02 pm

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the madness

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Hello hello!  It’s the world’s greatest fair-weather fan, here.  Today, I am really into March Madness.  Surprised?  Me too.  But then I thought more about it. 

March Madness combines a lot of things I really love:

  • betting
  • winning
  • highlighters
  • avoiding work

March Madness is very highly recommended.  Here’s a photo of my completed bracket (brackets?).  I’ve got Memphis for the win.  Memphis!  Whooo!

Pink for everythink I get right :) orange for when I get it wrong :(

Pink for everything I get right. orange for when I get it wrong.

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March 19, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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at work.  this dino is safe for now – but still, today has been bloody.


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March 3, 2009 at 1:06 pm

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january r.i.p.s

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John Updike










Updike in the New Yorker


75,000 U.S. and EU jobs.  
In one g.d. day.

Gee, thanks for nothing.

Gee, thanks.















Blame Wall Street and pour yourself another drink.


Domino Magazine

A favorite issue.  Dom's!  I'll miss ya.

A favorite issue. Doms! I'll miss ya.













Now I’m going to have to shell out the $$$$ for Vogue Living Australia


Washington Post Book World

bye bye, bookworld

bye bye, bookworld













Another one bites the dust.


Stacey’s Books

Not you too!

Not you too!










Good riddance, January.

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January 30, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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