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A.S. Hamra’s Oscar round-up. Some excerpts:

“David Fincher solved a problem no director has ever been able to solve before: how to make Cambridge, Massachusetts, look glamorous.”

“This cold and stylized yet oh-so-warm movie seems like it is going to show us something really interesting about the difference between sound and image, then becomes a parable about how, whoever we are, colonial or king, we have to turn our loose upper palates into stiff upper lips and learn not to stutter so we can face the coming global threat (Nazis).”

How many helicopter shots of Charlestown, Massachusetts, can one film hold? Was The Town directed by Google Maps?

Is now really the time for a comforting reunion set in a wintry afterlife?

More at n+1.


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February 25, 2011 at 4:42 pm

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