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I am BACK!  From NY.  Where I spent my days mostly glued to my desk creating presentations for people in Taiwan.  Also, drinking iced coffees the size of Big Gulps, paying $12 for my cocktails and sweating through various garments.  Still, it was good to be back and see some of y’all.  And let me share with you one great discovery, a discovery worth flying 3000 miles for!  Rooting around in my mom’s kitchen cupboard, searching for some hangover-killing snack, I found a box of  Rye, Wheat Triscuits with CARAWAY SEEDS!  Holy christ these are delicious.  I didn’t know they made different flavors of triscuits!  And what a relief that they went with a flavor that actually exiists in nature, rather than “garden salsa” or “tacos after midnight” route.  Here’s to you, Nabisco.  These triscuits are GENIUS!  I’m excited about them as the nerds are about iphone 4.


Written by rarface

June 8, 2010 at 11:01 am

Posted in food

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