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Specs Twelve Adler Museum Cafe is the bar of the day!  I call it Adler Specs and it just may be the best bar in San Francisco – and San Francisco is a city packed with great bars.    What makes Specs the best?  It gets major points for being walking distince from where I live (downhill too! more points).  And for being close to other fine bars Tosca and Vesuvio.  And close to City Lights Bookstore.  And because it’s located a little ways down an alley, it manages to stay hidden away from all the douchey douchey douche bags in North Beach.  The crowd is a good mix of really old, sort of old, middle-old, and old at heart.  And serious drinkers, all!  It’s never too loud for conversation in Specs.  But there’s a  piano in the back that’s often in use.  The bartenders look salty, but they’re actually very sweet and they’ll make your boyfriend his fancy-pants Venetian cocktail without any attitude.  In fact, they’ll be totally nice about it.  It’s also cheap and the drinks are strong and there’s lots of weird crap on the walls and it’s been open since 1968 and it’s my favorite.  A Classic.  Cheers to Specs and cheers to Friday!  I mean thank. fucking. god.

Written by rarface

September 11, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Posted in bar of the day, drinks

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