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So, I’ve been rethinking my New Year’s resolution to avoid drinking every night of the week. I’ve actually been keeping it up, but it’s starting to seem silly avoiding a glass of wine or beer on certain nights just because.  Especially since a glass of wine every evening is probably good for you. I’ve been hearing a lot about resveratrol lately. First in the NY Times, then on 60 minutes and in this week’s New Yorker, Noah Baumbach gets wasted with a mouse to test its effects. Resveratrol, found in red wine, possibly slows down the aging process and may be one of the explanations for the famous “French Paradox” (eat lots of cheese, drink lots of wine, live in France, don’t get heart disease). It is also one of the reasons I have decided to torpedo New Year’s Resolution #5- “Drink less, but better. Or something.”  Because wine is really a health food.  How did I ever forget?

And speaking of drinking…

The Manhattan

Next time, with proper tools.

This, my meanies, is the Manhattan I made on Sunday night. D.M. described it as “Kind of good. But not.” And later added, “This is gross. I can’t drink it.”

ohhhhhhh.  damn.

First, too much Wild Turkey 101, then too much vermouth turned my very favorite cocktail into an overly sweet, bourbon-y mess. Did I let it get me down? I did! Have I been defeated? I have not!

But I have decided that to be a better mixer-of-drinks, I must devote myself to them.   I must practice.  I must have the proper equipment (no more eyeballing proportions and no more jelly jar shaker).  I must not have too heavy a hand.  I must  experiment, and when my experiments fail, I must try them again. And when they still turn out terribly, I must allow myself to dump them in the sink and open a bottle of wine.   Like they would in France!


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January 28, 2009 at 10:26 am

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