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Some Notes on the Golden Globes

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I tried a longer post about the Globes earlier today but when I attempted to import video of Tracey Morgan’s 30 Rock acceptance speech (available on NBC.com) the whole blog freaked out.  So I’ll just deal with it, a la Cate Blanchett and post a few notes below:

Why was Drew Berrymore acting like such a dipstick?  I really really liked her dress, and even her big ass hair but she took the whole Marilyn act a little too far.  What is she laughing at here?  Her hand?

Yay, Waltz with Bashir!  It is great.  And really beautiful.  And certainly not an upper.  This was the only movie I’d seen in the Foreign Film category, but I’m sure it deserved the GG.

Yay, Slumdog Millionare!  Definitely an upper.  Maybe it isn’t the best movie of the year but as far as these award shows go, I was glad to see it win over the others. 

Ricky Gervais, you were funny!  Good.  I was worried after Ghost Town.

Sascha Baron Cohen, you were not so funny.  But I still want to see Bruno when it comes out.  Also, I felt for you when no one laughed at your Madonna joke.   I mean, damn, are those people scared of Madge, or what?

I admit, I was very pleased that Pitt-Jolie (Jolie-Pitt?) and their movies walked away with zilch.  I’ve had enough of those two.

And finally.  Cray, Zellweger, that outfit was cray.

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January 13, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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