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Inspired by the myriad of year-end lists out (see previous post), I’ve been collecting my own little besties of 2008. To clarify, these are really more recommendations than anything else – all things that I liked best in the year that was – some of which were around before ’08, all of which are totally awesome. Anyway, did they really exist before I discovered them? Perhaps no.

Expect these to trickle out all week…

Book of ’08


Since Christmas crafting has been eating up all my spare time recently (ugh. what a mistake), it’s looking less and less like I’ll finish 2666 before the new year rolls around. 2666 could have been a contender, but it’s topping all the best books lists anyway, so I’m happy to throw my shout out to The Exception by Christian Jungersen, published in paperback in 2008 ,this is undoubtedly my favorite book of the year. This book is so good! Go out, buy it now, start reading tonight and I promise you will be done by Christmas because it is un-put-down-able. Admittedly the beginning is a bit slow, but it picks up, and what starts out as a kind of examination of the psychology of evil (what makes average people turn into Nazi killers, and then turn back into average people at the end of the day?),becomes a crazy suspenseful “murder mystery about office politics.” I cannot recommend it enough – particularly if you’ve ever been paranoid. Or shared an office with someone who is. Go forth and read, meanies.


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December 16, 2008 at 8:21 pm

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